Cutty Sark

Pop Up Power Supplies® retractable service units specified at Cutty Sark Historic Monument

Part of the Royal Museums Greenwich, the Cutty Sark is a popular tourist attraction where visitors can see first-hand the legendary sailing ship. The attraction boasts a popular events calendar where stalls and various stands occupy the paving area next to the ship. These stalls all require an outdoor power source, which is why Pop Up Power Supplies® were approached.

The owners of the Royal Museums Greenwich specified that an outdoor electricity supply should power the stalls next to the Cutty Sark for various events, but in-between such events, the area should be clear of obstruction for the high volumes of visitors.

Pop Up Power Supplies® pop up units are the ideal fit for this requirement as they can be raised out of the ground by simply turning a handle, then when they are not needed they are lowered back into the ground again by turning the handle.

Pop Up Power Supplies® worked with the client to determine exactly which units were needed, how many, where to place them, and the exact power requirements that were needed. Their pop up units were recommended which provide a 16A or 32A power supply in both single and three phase plug sockets, all with RCBO protection.

The units specified at Cutty Sark comprise of a stainless steel and concrete structure, with a total weight of 125kg. The unit covers are made up of stainless steel AISI304 and offer significant protection to the power units when they are fully retracted.

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Project Details

Product: PUPS04
Location: Cutty Sark, London
Power Supply: 16A and 32A IP67 sockets in single and three-phase, with RCBO protection
Material: Stainless steel and concrete

Retractable service units specified at Cutty Sark Historic Monument
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Retractable service units specified at Cutty Sark Historic Monument
Pop Up Power Supplies®' retractable service units have been specified for the Cutty Sark Historic Monument, to provide power in outdoor spaces whenever it is needed.
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Pop Up Power Supplies®
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