Outdoor retractable power units for shopping centres

Key Product Benefits

Pop Up Power Units can be raised or lowered easily by maintenance staff

In Ground Power Units can be operated with the lids locked down

Powering stalls and kiosks in outdoor and communal areas

16 and 32 Amp sockets with RCBO protection

The huge growth of the online retail sector has created new challenges and opportunities for shopping centre owners and retailers, forcing them to offer a more innovative, immersive and social experience for shoppers.

Part of these developments include utilising outdoor spaces within shopping centres with boutique stalls, food kiosks, health and wellbeing booths and more.  These stalls need an efficient, sustainable power source that provides an effective power supply.  But importantly, it needs to be safe.  Walkways and pedestrian access has to be as clear as possible ensuring minimal trip and electrocution hazards for shoppers.

Providing safe outdoor power solutions for outdoor areas within shopping centres

We supply a range of safe and reliable outdoor power units for stalled areas within shopping centres.  Two popular options include our Pop Up Power Units, where the retractable nature means they can be raised from the ground when power is needed.  Then they can be lowered back into the ground when they are finished with.  The other option is our range of Flip Lid (or In Ground Units) which can provide electricity with the lids locked down.

Our units ensure walkways are clear and free from any form of tripping hazard or risk of electrocution, and have been specified in outdoor areas within many shopping centres throughout the UK.

Flip Lid Units provide outdoor power for Galleons Reach Shopping Centre, London

PUPS 3030 Floorboxes were specified at Gallions Reach Shopping Centre, to provide an outdoor power supply for market stalls and small scale entertainment events. A total of eight units were installed around the perimeter of the site giving access to electricity and a water supply from multiple points.

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Outdoor retractable power units for shopping centres
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Outdoor retractable power units for shopping centres
Pop Up Power Supplies® supply a range of Outdoor retractable power units for shopping centres, to power stalls and kiosks.
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