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Why are Pop Up Power Units so useful?

Staging an outdoor event in the urban public environment is a great commercial activity for any local authority. Attracting more and more people to make use of public space not only boosts the commercial viability of our town centres, but it also helps to create a sense of community and well-being in any urban development. Music festivals, carol concerts, exhibitions, markets: all of these help to create a thriving local economy.

Retractability = discretion

The immediate benefit of this type of equipment seems to be the discreetness of their installation. With the current minimalist trend in landscape design for our towns and cities, the fully retractable service units can be stored safely underground until they are needed – and you wouldn’t even know they were there, thanks for the unique way in which they can be “paved over”. Our discreet energy towers, steel bollards and in ground units provide outdoor pop up plug sockets in the most discreet way. Our flip top power units are a popular method among customer for providing a safe and secure power supply.

No more power problems

One of the regular problems with holding successful outdoor events is that of electricity supply. Ensuring that a constant power supply is maintained when and where it is necessary is a constant headache for any events management team. This is no longer an issue with our retractable services supply units and flip lid power units providing an efficient outdoor power supply for any event.


Pop Up Power Supplies® – There when you need them…hidden when you don’t

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pop up power

Pop Up Power Units

Manufactured in stainless steel AISI304, our range of Outdoor Pop up plug sockets suit most outdoor markets, stadiums, heritage sites, universities and other venues.

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power supply bollards

Power Bollards

Our stainless steel bollards are elegant in design for street furniture and provide a tamper-proof, reliable and efficient source of outdoor power, in bollard format.

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in ground units

In-Ground Units

Our range of In-Ground flip lid units provide round-the-clock power for days, weeks and even months on end. They are available in large and small sizes as well as other power unit options.

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