King’s College, University of Aberdeen

Aberdeen University

Part of the Old Aberdeen Campus, King’s College is considered the symbolic centre of the ever-growing University of Aberdeen.

The college’s rich history stretches back to the end of the 15th century, when it was built to house the University, which was founded by Bishop Elphinstone under a Papal Bull issued by Pope Alexander VI on 10 February 1495. With its distinctive King’s Tower, which is the figurehead of the University, the building is famous for its physical appeal and its symbolism – the pursuit of knowledge.

The elegant grounds of King’s College ensures that it is an attractive venue for outdoor events, which the University holds throughout the year. Ensuring that power supplies can be made available for outdoor events on demand, without detracting from King’s College’s aesthetics, was made possible through the installation of PUPS01 retractable power units from Pop Up Power Supplies®.

PUPS01 power units were installed in the outside lawn areas by The Kings College Chapel and also Elphinstone Hall. In doing so, the University now has a reliable and easy to access power source which is there when it is needed and hidden when not required, to provide outdoor power to marquees used for weddings and corporate events.

There is no need to use temporary generators or cause trip hazards with lengthy trailing cables when outdoor events are being staged. The PUPS01 units provide the perfect solution.

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Project Details

Product: PUPS01
Location: Aberdeen University, Aberdeen
Power Supply: 16A and 32A IP67 sockets – single and three phase with RCBO protection
Material: Stainless steel and concrete

Pop up retractable power units at King's College, University of Aberdeen
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Pop up retractable power units at King's College, University of Aberdeen
Pop Up Power Supplies® retractable power units were installed in the grounds of the famous King's College at the University of Aberdeen to ensure safe and reliable access to power on-demand to host all kinds of outdoor events.
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Pop Up Power Supplies®
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