Chelsea Football Club

Pop Up Power Supplies® specified at Chelsea Football Club

Pop Up Power Supplies® supplied nine retractable service power units within the stadium arena at Chelsea Football Club. The half tonne units are buried out of site beneath the perimeter of the pitch and are raised out of the ground when required.

Chelsea Ground Staff needed a power solution to enable them to power their specialist UV lighting equipment to promote the growth of the pitch.

The Chelsea Ground Staff now have access to multiple 63A three phase IP67 power feeds to do just that.

The cabling and power units were installed and commissioned by Springfield Engineers over a 6 week time frame.

Pop Up Power Supplies® also supply electrical connection through In Ground Units with fl ip top lids and Bollards in a variety of designs to suit the surroundings.

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Project Details

Product: PUPS01
Location: Chelsea Football Club, London
Power Supply: 63A three-phase IP67 sockets, with RCBO protection
Material: Stainless steel and concrete