Chiswick House, London

Pop Up Power Supplies® provide a safe, secure outdoor power supply to Chiswick House A Grade 1 Listed Site

As part of the restoration program to Chiswick House, in London, The Chiswick House and Gardens Trust were looking for a reliable, safe and secure outdoor power source to place within the gardens.

The Trust contacted Pop Up Power Supplies® with their requirements, and after an initial consultation their range of retractable service units were recommended. It was important to the Chiswick House and Gardens Trust that the units would not permanently impact on the beautiful aesthetics of the gardens, while being able to provide a safe source of electricity for the outdoor events they hold throughout the year.

These units would supply electricity to power those outdoor activities, including seasonal events at the Burlington Pavilion.

Pop Up Power Supplies® retractable service units were ideal for the needs of the Trust, as the 450kg units are buried out of site beneath the surface of the gardens when not in use. Then when there is an outdoor event within the gardens, the power units are simply raised up out of the ground by turning a removable handle.

George Parker, Director at Pop Up Power Supplies®, commented, “When Chiswick House and Gardens Trust contacted us requesting an outdoor power supply, I spoke to them about our range of pop up power units.These units are simple to install and only require a small digger to create the opening in the ground. This was important to the Trust as it meant there was minimal disruption to the gardens.”

The integrated electric outlets provide either a 16A or 32A power supply in both single and three phase sockets, all with RCBO protection. In addition, the units specified at Chiswick House have a robust circular cast iron cover, which protects the units when they are fully retracted.

Chiswick House is a magnificent neo-Palladian villa set in beautiful historic gardens and is a popular tourist attraction. These gardens were fully restored in 2010 in a £12.1 million project and are exquisitely maintained by the Trust, offering visitors stunning vistas, architectural delights, hidden pathways and a dazzling array of flowers, shrubs and trees.

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Project Details

Product: PUPS01
Location: Chiswick House, London
Power Supply: 16A and 32A sockets in single and three-phase, with RCBO protection
Material: Stainless steel and concrete