Covent Garden, London

Pop Up Power Supplies® provide a safe, secure outdoor power supply to Covent Garden, London – A Grade 1 Listed Site

Pop Up Power Supplies® supplied six retractable service power units for installation in the Piazza at Covent Garden. The 450kg units are buried out of site beneath the famous cobbled piazza and are raised out of the ground when required by a removable turning handle. When not in use, the units do not impact on the historic appearance of the Piazzas – they are barely noticeable with the matching paving infill.

Covent Garden Technical Services Team needed a power solution for temporary stalls and events that are put on each week throughout the year. Pop Up Power Supplies® provided retractable service units with a combination of electric sockets, located near to the Transport Museum and also next to the portico of St Paul’s Church in the Piazza. They provide a safe, efficient and stable outdoor power supply.

The Covent Garden Services Team now has access to a combination of 16A and 32A sockets in both single and three phase all with RCBO protection.

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Project Details

Product: PUPS01
Location: Covent Garden, London
Power Supply: 16A and 32A sockets in single and three-phase, with RCBO protection
Material: Stainless steel and concrete