Gallions Reach Shopping Centre, London

Pop Up Power Supplies® retractable service units specified at Gallions Reach Shopping Centre

The developers at Gallions Reach Shopping Centre in Beckton, East London, required an outside source of power in an open area of the development. It was intended that the area be used for an arrangement of small market stalls on an occasional basis. Also, the space was to be used for the staging of small scale entertainment events.

The units decided upon were the PUPS 3030 Floorbox. This unit was considered ideal as it has a small visible profile and could be placed at multiple points around the outside paved area and the covers could be filled to match the surrounding pavoir. A total of eight units were installed around the perimeter of the site giving access to electricity from multiple points.

The rear part of the area had a vertical garden wall and the PUPS Floorboxes along this side were fitted with a water connection so that maintenance staff were able to connect hoses for the watering system.

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The PUPS 3030 Floorbox is manufactured entirely of stainless steel and each of the units was fitted with 2 x 16A single phase IP67 sockets with individual RCBOs. Some of the units were also supplied with a water connection.

The PUPS Floorbox is ideal for use in smaller areas where space is at a premium. It operates with the lid locked and closed and can be left unattended when in use so there is no danger of any interference or vandalism.

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Project Details

Product: PUPS 3030 Floorbox
Location: Gallions Reach, East London
Power Supply: 16A sockets in single phase with RCBO protection and water connection
Material: Stainless steel AISI 304

 In ground power units specified at Gallions Reach Shopping Park
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In ground power units specified at Gallions Reach Shopping Park
Pop Up Power Supplies® has supplied retractable in ground, flip lid service units for Gallions Reach Shopping Park to provide safe and easy access to power.
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Pop Up Power Supplies®
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