Increasing demand for British-made Power Units

The UK built environment is continually changing, facing a wide array of external influences covering technological, economic, political and social factors. Despite a slight slow-down in UK manufacturing output mid-way through 2018, construction build projects are still thriving and playing a big role in developing infrastructure.

Further good news shows that manufactured exports are increasing too, driven by an increasing demand for British-made products and also a weaker Sterling rate. Pop Up Power Supplies® have noticed this strength in demand for our range of British-made In Ground Units. Manufactured on UK shores, our units are increasingly being specified on build projects not only within the UK but worldwide.

Construction professionals such as developers, architects, contractors, civil engineers, electrical contractors and more, appreciate the benefits that our In Ground Power Units bring to their projects. Their major benefits include providing a safe, secure outdoor power supply for various environments such as town centres, market days, shopping centres, universities, sports stadiums and more. The power units can be operated with the lid locked down, therefore preventing any public access, reducing any potential hazards.

Powering built up environments

Powering UK Manufacturing

UK manufacturing is going through somewhat mixed fortunes currently. After a strong start to 2018 where output expanded at its fastest rate since 2008, it has since fallen mid-way through the year. With the press reporting the potential of a ‘No-Deal Brexit’ and other pressing factors such as a significant skills shortage within construction, there is a bit of uncertainty in the air.

However, the Centre for Economics and Business Research reported that Britain, the sixth biggest economy in the world, will see its GDP grow from £1.59 trillion to £2.64 trillion by 2028, surpassing France and Germany.

Construction projects are commonplace across the UK – new universities, multi-occupancy residential blocks, commercial and retail units, sports stadiums, infrastructure developments and civil projects, and many more. Pop Up Power Supplies® have seen strong growth in demand for our Pop Up Power units, not only on UK shores but across the World.

Our In Ground Units were recently specified on a Travelodge hotel, located on the Southwater Square complex, Telford. The leisure complex features a range of retail and dining facilities, as well as a new public green space and events area. Also, 56 In Ground Power Units were specified at the Al Mouj Muscat beachfront resort in Oman, who required an outdoor power source for its collection of luxurious facilities and amenities.

Powering built up environments

In Ground Units – made in Britain

Our range of Flip Lid Units are made in England by skilled engineers. The electrical components are designed (often bespoke options for clients’ unique requirements) and integrated into the galvanised steel boxes. The boxes are hot dip galvanised to BS EN: ISO1461 which makes them robust, incredibly hard wearing and long lasting.

In Ground Power Units come in two options – Slim and Deep. Slim models are 250mm deep and offer a single-phase incoming power supply. Deep models have a depth of 750mm and feature a single and three-phase power supply.

Powering built up environments

A major advantage of our In Ground Units compared to traditional power methods e.g. petrol generators, is their safe operation and discreet nature. They can provide an outdoor power supply with the lids locked down, preventing any public access. Regarding their discreet nature, the covers of the power units are recessed and can accommodate virtually any surface material e.g. paving, grass, concrete and more. This ensures that when the lids are locked down they appear seamless to the surrounding environments.

Our Flip Lid Units have been specified and installed in public areas across the UK. Council Planners in the town of Stamford, Lincolnshire, specified the power units for areas of the town centre to power market stalls and kiosks. Read the full project details here.

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