In Ground Power Units provide continuous, safe outdoor power

Our range of In Ground Power Units, or Flip Lid Units as they are also known, are an extremely safe option for powering outside spaces and public places.  The main advantage to these power units is that they provide an outdoor power supply for stalls and kiosks, with the lid locked down.

This prevents any public access which increases safety in public areas.  The chances of electrocution are significantly reduced as people can’t access the power source, as only the cables protrude from the power unit.  The cables will be covered by cable protectors which also reduces the potential tripping hazard, which is often the case with more traditional outdoor power supplies e.g. external generators.

Architects, contractors, electrical engineers, local councils, shopping centre owners, stadium owners, facilities managers and other industry professionals benefit from specifying our in ground power units.  They have the confidence that their requirement for an outdoor power source will be met, but with the added benefits of increased public safety and minimal impact on the local surroundings.

There when you need them, hidden when you don’t

The covers of our in-ground units are recessed and can accommodate various surface materials as an infill e.g. paving and grass.  This ensures that when the lids are locked down, they appear seamless to the surrounding environments.  A popular option for town centres, heritage sites, shopping centres, sports stadiums and other public facilities, where often it is imperative to uphold the local aesthetics.

Powering built up environments

There are different options of flip lid units available.  The Slim IGU is 250mm deep and offers a single-phase incoming power supply.  The Deep IGU is 750mm deep (with the same length and width as the Slim version – 386mm x 570mm) and features a single and three-phase power supply.

The power sockets are safely located within the high-grade mild steel structures, which is hot dip galvanised to BS EN: ISO1461.  This makes our range of In Ground Units particularly suitable for outdoor spaces, festivals, market days and other public areas.

Other flip lid power units include the PUPS Floorbox, PUPS02 and the PUPS03.  Offering 16A sockets in single phase with RCBO protection and water connection, PUPS Floorboxes offer a continuous power supply for outdoor areas where space is at a premium.  A total of 8 Floorboxes were installed at Gallions Reach Shopping Centre to provide outdoor power for market stalls and small scale outdoor events around the precinct.

The PUPS02 range of outdoor power units come in three options – 4040, 5050 and the 7050.  They offer a variety of power supplies, from 32 to 125 amps, and also has the option of water and data points also.  PUPS02 power units have been installed at locations throughout the UK, including Birmingham Airport, Preston Market, Folkestone Harbour and New Mersey Shopping Park.

The PUPS03 in ground unit again can provide a secure outdoor power source with the lid locked down.  It provides a total of 63 amps in a single or three phase supply.  The lid is raised with a semi-automatic gas piston for added convenience.

Outdoor power units for built environments

In Ground Units across the UK

Our Flip Lid Power Units have been installed in public areas in the town of Stamford, Lincolnshire.  Council Planners were pleased with the power units as not only did they benefit from a safe source of outdoor electricity for the local market stalls, but there was minimal impact on the integrity and beauty of the local area – the covers of the IGUs are recessed so paving can be installed in the top, making them adaptable to the surrounding environment. They are also tested unfilled to FACTA Class B loadings.

Pop up power units for outside spaces

The simplicity of specifying the pop up plug socket units in refurbishment and new build projects mean they are a favourite with architects, contractors, electrical engineers, developers, shopping centre owners and many more industry professionals.

Our range of retractable and flip lid power units are supplied complete, therefore once they have been designed to the suitable specification, they are delivered to site where all the contractor has to do then is to dig the required hole and install the unit.

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