Innovative power solutions for marinas and moorings

There are thousands of marinas and moorings across the UK and the rest of the world, all offering various levels of amenities and facilities for boat owners.  Location plays a key part in the facilities offered by a marina, however one of the fundamental amenities required by boat owners is a source of electricity.

Pop Up Power Supplies® supply a range of retractable service units that provide a safe and reliable power supply for marinas and moorings.  The pop up nature of our units means when they are needed they provide electricity for boats and various club house facilities within marinas, and when they are not needed they are simply lowered back into the ground.  This ensures walkways and jetties are clear and safe for pedestrian access, which is a crucial factor being next to open water.

UK boating industry booming

The popularity of marinas and moorings, particularly within the UK, is increasing at quite a rapid rate.  This is due to a number of factors.  The UK’s boat and yacht industry have seen sales surge, despite the difficult economic conditions we currently face.  The weak pound has seen a 4.7% increase of overseas sales.

Powering built up environments

Another factor of marinas’ increasing popularity is the popularity of the ‘staycation’.  UK residents are favouring to stay in the UK for their holidays, and are increasingly holidaying on barges, yachts, canal cruises and other watersports trips.

This increasing demand has meant marinas and moorings are investing in their facilities.  Many are upgrading their club houses and other on-site facilities e.g. showers and toilets, to offer visitors a better experience.

Many marinas are now utilising their outdoor spaces with greater effect, and part of this process is various outdoor events and fairs.  Stalls and kiosks provide visitors with food and entertainment.  However powering these stalls has been quite difficult, as traditional power options e.g. generators, are noisy, smelly and are a hazard for nearby visitors.

Providing safe outdoor power solutions for marinas and moorings

Pop Up Power Supplies® offer a range of pop up power units which provide a safe, secure outdoor power supply.  They are perfect for areas within marinas such as their outdoor gardens around club houses and can power stalls and kiosks during special events.  Our power units can also be positioned closer to the berths and jetties where they provide an outdoor power supply for the nearby boats.

Outdoor power units for built environments

Two of our retractable service units are popular among marinas, the pop up power units and the in ground units.  The pop up power units, also known as retractable telescopic feeder pillars, provide a secure power source for marinas and can be raised and lowered easily with a detachable handle.  This means staff at marinas are able to operate them easily.  The power units are easy to install and only require light excavation.

Boat owners and marina staff simply raise the pop up power unit where they have access to a range of power sockets.  These range from 16A to 12 5A power supply in both single and three phase, all with RCBO protection.  When the boat owner departs the berth, the power units are simply lowered back into the ground until the next visitor, where they blend seamlessly with the local environment.

Our in ground units (also known as flip lid units) are also ideal for marinas and mooring facilities.  One of the main advantage of these power units is that they can be operated with the lid locked down.  This prevents any public access and reduces trip hazards on walkways, jetties and other areas around the marina facilities, which is a crucial factor being next to open water.  The power sockets are safely located within the high-grade mild steel structure, which is hot dip galvanised to BS EN: ISO1461.

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