In ground units provide outdoor power for events area around Travelodge, Telford

Early 2018 saw construction start of a new Travelodge Hotel, located on the Southwater Square complex, Telford. The leisure complex features a range of retail and dining facilities, as well as a new public green space and events area.

The events area is adjacent to the Travelodge Hotel, surrounded by various coffee shops, restaurants and shops for visitors. As a result, developers of the new build construction required an outdoor power source that would power various events e.g. promotional stalls and kiosks, that was safe for nearby pedestrians.

Pop Up Power Supplies® and Fabweld Steel Products (FSP) joined together in a collective effort to provide a range of their in ground power units for the leisure complex. Two major reasons for their specification into the project were, one, they provide a safe and secure outdoor power source with the lids locked down. And two, their lids can be infilled with a wide range of surface materials, therefore the paving that was used in the events area could be integrated into the lids. So when the lids are down they blend seamlessly into the surroundings.

Powering built up environments

In ground units provide a safe outdoor power supply for Telford leisure complex

The new Travelodge hotel at Southwater Square is one of twenty new Travelodge hotels to be built in 2018. The hotel features 68 rooms and sits centrally within the Southwater Square complex, surrounded by well-known restaurants, shops, coffee shops, a cinema, and a bowling and bingo centre.

Part of the hotel development was an events area which would host various events throughout the year. It was predicted that the area would attract thousands of visitors annually, therefore developers had to consider safe options to power such stalls and kiosks.

Traditional power supplies e.g. generators, were impractical, as they posed risks to nearby pedestrians in the form of electrocution and a trip hazard. Fabweld Steel Products and Pop Up Power Supplies® worked together to create bespoke in ground power units for the events area at Southwater Square.

Stalls and kiosks will benefit from having outdoor power sockets in a single and three phase supply, all with RCBO protection. They are easily operated by kiosk staff, where all they need is a double ended key to use. They simply insert the key into the IGU, turn to unlock, then open the lid. Here they can connect their stalls to the power sockets, close and lock down the lid.

The lids of the in ground power units are tested unfilled to FACTA Class B loadings, therefore more than adequate to cope with high levels of pedestrian traffic. The structure of the power units is also high quality, constructed of high-grade mild steel, hot dip galvanised to BS EN: ISO1461.

George Parker, Director at Pop Up Power Supplies®, commented, “It was a pleasure to work with Fabweld Steel Products on this project, and our in ground units were a perfect fit for the events area at Southwater Square. We are seeing more and more of our power units installed in public places such as events areas, town centres, shopping centres, civic areas and outdoor areas. Developers, architects, contractors find our power units easy to work with and specify for their project requirements.”

James Hilton, Project Manager at Fabweld Steel Products, commented, “We have worked with Pop Up Power Supplies® on a number of projects now, and the new Travelodge hotel and adjoining events area really suited our in ground units. The leisure complex owners appreciated the fact the units can be operated with the lids locked down, which creates a safe and secure environment where shoppers can walk around safely.”

Fabweld Steel Products (FSP) are a Telford-based manufacturer of fabricated access covers. They regularly collaborate with Pop Up Power Supplies® to provide bespoke outdoor power solutions.

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