Powering outdoor and communal areas within shopping centres

The last few years has seen significant changes in how modern shopping centres operate.  The huge growth of the online retail sector has created new challenges and opportunities for shopping centre owners and retailers, forcing them to offer a more innovative, immersive and social experience for shoppers.

Part of these developments include utilising outdoor spaces within shopping centres with boutique stalls, food kiosks, health and wellbeing booths and more.  These stalls need an efficient, sustainable power source that provides an effective power supply.  But importantly, it needs to be safe.  Walkways and pedestrian access has to be as clear as possible ensuring minimal trip and electrocution hazards for shoppers.

We supply a range of safe and reliable outdoor power units for stalled areas within shopping centres.  Two popular options include our Pop Up Power Units, where the retractable nature means they can be raised from the ground when power is needed.  Then they can be lowered back into the ground when they are finished with.  The other option is our range of Flip Lid (or In Ground Units) which can provide electricity with the lids locked down.

Our units ensure walkways are clear and free from any form of tripping hazard or risk of electrocution, and have been specified in outdoor areas within many shopping centres throughout the UK.

Powering built up environments

How are shopping centres changing?

Many reports citing the role of shopping centres past, present and future all affirm that shopping centres are increasing and developing their offering to visiting shoppers.  They need to.

Consumer confidence and spending levels are significantly lagging behind the pre-2007 buoyant market conditions.  UK consumers also have Brexit hanging over their heads and the political uncertainty is having a negative impact on consumer spending.

But not all is doom and gloom.  Yes the retail sector as a whole has suffered, but out-of-town shopping centres have seen a fairly positive outlook.  It is the town centres that have experienced a massive drop in customer footfall.

Shopping centres (particularly within the UK) are not only developing greater technology and integrating with e-commerce platforms (e.g. click and collect services) but offering customers a wider range of retail opportunities.

The rise of boutique stalls has been significant over the last five to ten years.  Consumers are preferring more bespoke and unique products e.g. clothes and homeware.  Not only that, world food and cultures are increasingly popular and food kiosks offering a wide variety of food products have seen a surge in demand.  Finally, consumers are spending more of their hard-earned money on health and wellbeing.  Many health booths are populating shopping centres now offering various hair and beauty services.

Outdoor power units for built environments

The increase in stalls and kiosks within shopping centres is a huge positive.  However, it puts a significant strain on the power facilities and local infrastructure of shopping centres.  Stalls simply cannot plug in to local power sources as electricity outlets are few and far between in outdoor areas within shopping centres.  When they were designed there would have been no plans to utilise the outdoor spaces as trends and cultures were different back then.

Pop Up Power Supplies® supply a range of innovative power units that provide a safe, secure electricity supply to outdoor areas within shopping centres.  The electrical feeder pillars provide a safe source of electricity, water and data points to help power stalls and kiosks.

Providing safe outdoor power solutions for outdoor areas within shopping centres

Shopping Centre Owners, Facilities Managers, Architects, Contractors, Electrical Engineers and other industry professionals appreciate our power units compared to traditional generators, due to the retractable nature of the units and the increased safety they bring to public areas within shopping centres.

Our retractable service units have been specified on many shopping centre refurbishment projects across the UK, including PUPS02 Flip Lid Units at New Mersey Shopping Park (Liverpool); PUPS3030 Floorboxes at Gallions Reach Shopping Park (London); and PUPS01 Pop Up Power Units at Rivergate Shopping Centre (Peterborough).

The PUPS02 In Ground Units at New Mersey Shopping Park provide power distribution and are totally hidden even in operation.  The cover for the power units are recessed and filled with matching surface finish.  Just the power cables protrude out of the units and run to nearby stalls and kiosks, but safely guarded with cable protectors.

Outdoor power units for built environments

A total of eight PUPS3030 Floorboxes were specified and installed at Gallions Reach Shopping Park, London.  They are installed around the perimeter of the site giving access to electricity from multiple points.  The outdoor area within the shopping park is used for market stalls and small scale entertainment events.

The PUPS3030 Floorbox is manufactured entirely of stainless steel and each of the units was fitted with 2 x 16A single phase IP67 sockets with individual RCBOs.  Some of the units were also supplied with a water connection so maintenance staff were able to connect hoses for the watering system.

The PUPS01 Pop Up Power Units at Rivergate Shopping Centre, Peterborough, are installed in the outdoor square and provide electricity for market stalls and food kiosks.  They can be raised and lowered easily with a detachable handle, so on the days when there are no market stalls/events the units are lowered back into the ground.  Therefore they pose no on-going risk to the public, as well as keeping the units safe from weather elements and vandalism.

They provide power sockets ranging from 16A to 12 5A power supply in both single and three phase, all with RCBO protection.  Housed within sturdy concrete and cast iron casings, the power units are simply lowered into position (with only light excavation needed to dig the hole).

Pop up power units for outside spaces

The simplicity of specifying the pop up plug socket units in refurbishment and new build shopping centres mean they are a favourite with architects, contractors, electrical engineers, developers, shopping centre owners and many more industry professionals.

Our range of retractable and flip lid power units are supplied complete, therefore once they have been designed to the suitable specification, they are delivered to site where all the contractor has to do then is to dig the required hole and install the unit.

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