Outdoor retractable power units for modern sports stadiums

Key Product Benefits

Pop Up Power Units can be raised or lowered easily by groundstaff

In Ground Power Units can be operated with the lids locked down

Safe and secure outdoor power for UV lighting rigs or sprinkler systems

16 and 32 Amp sockets with RCBO protection

Stadiums of any sport or recreational event have a duty to guarantee spectator and staff safety, and are subject to strict rules and regulations in their design and operation. The floodlights must be supported by a secondary power source. Also, various electrical equipment around pitches, running tracks or other sporting areas has to minimise any potential hazards – such as trip or electrocution risks from trailing wires.

Pop Up Power Supplies® supply a range of innovative pop up power units which are ideal to use in such outdoor areas within sports stadiums and arenas. Not only do they provide a reliable and secure source of electricity or water supply, the power units are retractable in nature. The range of Pop Up Units can be easily raised to provide a power source, and when they are not needed they are simply lowered back into the ground, blending seamlessly with their immediate surroundings. Our range of In-Ground Units (or Flip Lid Units) are able to provide a power supply with their lids locked down.

A safe outdoor power supply for sports stadiums

Modern stadiums incorporate much more of a focus on multi-use venues, where stadiums not only combine different sports but also combine sports with entertainment events.  This is as a result of a growing need to increase commercial abilities of stadiums and increase stadium revenues.

Designing stadiums for such a variety of purposes notably puts pressures and stresses on the operational maintenance of the stadium.  Our range of pop up power units help to alleviate such pressures, as they are able to provide a reliable source of power and water in order to effectively maintain pitch surfaces.

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Design a pop up power unit for your sports stadium project with our online specifier

Pop Up Power Units provide outdoor power for Chelsea FC

Pop Up Power Supplies® supplied nine retractable service power units within the stadium arena at Chelsea Football Club. The half tonne units are buried out of site beneath the perimeter of the pitch and are raised out of the ground when required.

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