Outdoor retractable power units for market days

Key Product Benefits

Pop Up Power Units can be raised or lowered easily by event organisers

In Ground Power Units can be operated with the lids locked down

Safe outdoor power supply with no tripping hazards e.g. trailing wires

16, 32, 63 and 125 Amp sockets with RCBO protection

Traditional market days are commonplace in towns and cities across the UK. Buyers and sellers come together forming a lively outdoor retail environment and strong community spirit.

Public safety is crucial for outdoor market events. Pedestrian access has to be clear as possible with no tripping hazards, and the risk of electrocution has to be minimal. Public areas should be safe and comfortable for shoppers.

Pop Up Power Supplies® supply a range of retractable service units that provide a reliable and effective power supply for outdoor spaces for market days and events. The innovative power units provide a source of electricity, water and data points to help power market stalls.

Our flip lid units can be operated with the lids locked down therefore preventing any public access or trip/electrocution hazards, and our pop up power units can be raised and lowered from the ground easily therefore when they are not needed they are simply lowered back into the ground ensuring clear, safe walkways.

A safe outdoor power supply for market days

Outdoor markets play a big part in community life throughout towns and cities in the UK. Local councils need to ensure all outdoor markets are organised and conducted in a safe environment that meets health and safety requirements.  Traditional means of powering stalls included power generators being located around the grounds, with trailing leads.  This poses various safety hazards including trip hazards for shoppers and traders as well as electrocution hazards with the exposed generators and electricity sources.

Our pop up power units, also known as retractable telescopic feeder pillars, provide a safe, secure power source for market stalls and can be raised and lowered easily with a detachable handle.  Our in ground units also provide a source of power with the lids locked down. They are easy to install into town squares and only require light excavation.

We are here to ensure specifying our retractable service units is a smooth and straight-forward process.

Decide on what functions your project needs from the units, whether it is power, water or data points. If it is a power source you require, what output or amps are needed? How many outlets do you require? How big is the area where the power unit(s) will go? Do you require a power unit that can provide power while locked down? Is a unit that raises and lowers easily when needed appropriate? Or would you like a power source in a stylish bollard that is a stylish street furniture.

The easiest way to specify a power unit for your project is to contact us either by telephone 020 8227 0208 or email us on info@popuppower.co.uk

Pop Up Power Units installed in Rugby Town Centre

A range of our pop up power units were installed in Rugby town centre, including the PUPS01 and PUPS05 units.  This is a historic market event and has been trading since 1235 under Royal Charter.  The units were installed in 2005 and have been used three days a week for thirteen years (for market events).  They are still in good working order and provide an effective outdoor power supply for market stalls.

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In Ground Power Units at Stamford, Lincolnshire

Our Flip Lid Power Units were installed in public areas in the town of Stamford, Lincolnshire, for their market events they hold on a weekly basis.  Council Planners at Stamford were pleased with the power units as not only did they benefit from a safe source of outdoor electricity for the local market stalls, but there was minimal impact on the integrity and beauty of the local area.

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Power Bollards installed at Gravesham Borough Council

Our range of power bollards have also been installed to power outdoor market events.  A number of our bollard units were installed in a public area outside the local civic centre.  The power units were specified in a Button Top Supply Bollard with hatch closure, and have very limited impact on the aesthetics of the area as they are placed around the perimeter area next to walls.

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