Outdoor Retractable Power Units for Universities and Higher Education Facilities

Key Product Benefits

Pop Up Power Units can be raised or lowered easily by event organisers

In Ground Power Units can be operated with the lids locked down

Safe outdoor power supply with no tripping hazards e.g. trailing wires

16, 32, 63 and 125 Amp sockets with RCBO protection

University institutions place a significant effort on student enrolment and planning open days and student events to convince prospective students that their facilities are the one to study at.

Traditional methods of powering stalls and booths in such events often involved having trailing wires from nearby buildings or petrol generators nearby. Both methods pose significant safety issues including trip and electrocution hazards.

Pop Up Power Supplies® manufacture and supply a range of pop up power units that are perfect for powering open days within university campuses. Our in ground power units can provide an outdoor power supply with the lid locked down.

This means walkways and pedestrian access is clear from obtruding structures. Our pop up power units provide an outdoor power source for kiosks, and their retractable nature means when they are no longer needed they are simply lowered back into the ground.

Our power units have been specified in many universities across the country. Developers and Architects working on Exeter University designed a range of our PUPS01 pop up power units into the communal space outside the new Forum building. This area is the central hub of the Streatham Campus, which houses various open days and student events throughout the year.

A safe outdoor power supply for Universities

Student enrolment is a crucial element for any university facility. Open days and student fairs are important events that showcase campus amenities and demonstrate their strengths, and as a result universities invest significant sums of money to get such events right.

A wide variety of kiosks and stalls are located around campuses, or next to principle buildings for universities which are located in an urban or city centre location. Powering such stands can be problematic and quite hazardous where traditional power methods, for example petrol generators, can pose various hazards to nearby pedestrians.

Pop Up Power Supplies® manufacture and supply a range of innovative retractable power units which are ideal for powering kiosks and booths in university campuses.

We are here to ensure specifying our retractable service units is a smooth and straight-forward process.

Decide on what functions your project needs from the units, whether it is power, water or data points. If it is a power source you require, what output or amps are needed? How many outlets do you require? How big is the area where the power unit(s) will go? Do you require a power unit that can provide power while locked down? Is a unit that raises and lowers easily when needed appropriate? Or would you like a power source in a stylish bollard that is a stylish street furniture.

The easiest way to specify a power unit for your project is to contact us either by telephone 020 8227 0208 or email us on info@popuppower.co.uk

Pop Up Power Units installed at Exeter University

Exeter University wanted to utilise the space outside the new Forum building for open days and events. Considered the heart of the Streatham Campus, the popular area would be filled with outdoor stalls which needed powering. Our PUPS01 retractable service units were installed and they provide a safe and stable source of electricity needed for the University stalls.

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Retractable Service Units at Aberdeen University

Part of the Old Aberdeen Campus, King’s College is considered the symbolic centre of the ever-growing University. The popular PUPS01 unit from Pop Up Power Supplies® were installed in the outside lawn areas by The Kings College Chapel and also Elphinstone Hall to provide outdoor power to marquees used for weddings and corporate events.

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