Outdoor Power Units for Leisure Facilities

Key Product Benefits

Pop Up Power Units can be raised or lowered easily by staff

In Ground Power Units can be operated with the lids locked down

Safe and secure outdoor power to better utilise outdoor spaces

16, 32, 63 and 125 Amp sockets with RCBO protection

UK leisure destinations are increasingly looking for innovative ways to improve their facilities for their visitors, whether it is a new and exciting ride at a theme park, new or upgraded facilities at caravan parks, or a new family attraction at a leisure park.

However a common feature which all leisure facilities share is the requirement for a power source for their outdoor areas.

Pop Up Power Supplies® offer a range of retractable service units which are increasingly being specified and installed at leisure facilities throughout the UK.

These power units offer a secure, reliable power supply for various outdoor stalls, and the ‘pop-up’ nature of the units mean that when they are not in use they are simply retracted back into the ground, thus having a minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Suitable leisure facilities include leisure parks, amusement / theme parks, holiday parks and resorts, caravan parks, tourist attractions, hotels, glamping and camping sites, outdoor play areas, rural activity centres, water parks, public recreation areas, themed assault and activity courses, and adventure playgrounds.

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A safe outdoor power supply for leisure facilities

UK leisure destinations are increasingly looking for innovative ways to improve their facilities for their visitors, whether it is a new and exciting ride at a theme park, new or upgraded facilities at caravan parks, or a new family attraction at a leisure park. Such improvements will more than likely require an outdoor power supply.

Traditional power sources e.g. petrol generators, are generally unsafe and unsightly in open areas within leisure facilities and pose potential risks and hazards to nearby pedestrians. Our range of Retractable Service Units offer an outdoor power source that can either provide power with the lid locked down (In Ground Units), or can be lowered back in to the ground when not in use (Pop Up Units).

We are here to ensure specifying our retractable service units is a smooth and straight-forward process.

Decide on what functions your project needs from the units, whether it is power, water or data points. If it is a power source you require, what output or amps are needed? How many outlets do you require? How big is the area where the power unit(s) will go? Do you require a power unit that can provide power while locked down? Is a unit that raises and lowers easily when needed appropriate? Or would you like a power source in a stylish bollard that is a stylish street furniture.

The easiest way to specify a power unit for your project is to use the online specifier below. Alternatively, you can contact us either by telephone 020 8227 0208 or email us on info@popuppower.co.uk

Pop Up Power Supplies® have supplied their pop up power and in-ground units to many leisure facilities within the UK, including Dreamland in Margate. The amusement park, located on the Kent coast, was re-developed and re-opened in 2015 and attracts visitors from across the Southeast region.   PUPS01 and PUPS02 retractable service units from Pop Up Power Supplies® have been specified to provide outdoor power to their various outdoor stalls, including food and entertainment/game stalls.

Many pop up power units have been installed in various tourist attractions / heritage sites across the UK too, including Hampton Court Palace where PUPS02 pop up power units and PUP03 flip lid units were installed in the Kitchen Garden and PUPS Floorboxes were installed in the Tiltyard Function Room Garden. PUPS01 pop up plug sockets have also been installed at Woburn Abbey, Hastings Stade, The National Memorial Arboretum, and Chiswick House. These are located in various outdoor areas and provide a safe and secure power supply for various stalls, events and weddings. PUPS04 pop up power units have been installed at Kingsbarns Golf Course, on the Fife coast near St Andrews, which provides outdoor power for various events they hold throughout the gold season/year.

Pop Up Power Supplies® are currently working with caravan park owners to specify their pop up power units within park areas to help provide power to caravans and tents. We are also looking to supply glamping sites across the UK due to its increase in popularity in recent years. Our range of retractable telescopic feeder pillars provide a safe, silent power source for holidaymakers, which can be lowered back into the ground when not in use.

Retractable Service Units specified at Cutty Sark Historic Monument

Part of the Royal Museums Greenwich, the Cutty Sark is a popular tourist attraction where visitors can see first-hand the legendary sailing ship. The attraction boasts a popular events calendar where stalls and various stands occupy the paving area next to the ship. These stalls all require an outdoor power source, which is why Pop Up Power Supplies® were approached.

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